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UNITOPIA is owned and operated by TOPIA Network. TOPIA Network is a decentralized application and gaming platform on the TRX Blockchain. UNITOPIA will bring the birth of a fully licensed multi-chain casino.

UNITOPIA holders will receive a rake equal to 10% of the house edge for EVERY CURRENCY and EVERY GAME offered on the UNITOPIA platform.

The UNITOPIA Casino is a state-of-the-art multi-currency platform, and with all of the popular games:
Dice, Ring, Crash, Blackjack, Video Poker, Hilo, Slots, Standard Table Games, and Sportsbook.

It also features a revolutionary rewards model that has yet to be seen in the space.

Open Source

UNITOPIA is an immutable ERC20 token, which means that every transaction is visible on the Ethereum blockchain.
Here is the verified Smart Contract Code.


what's coming to UNITOPIA


UNITOPIA is born

UNITOPIA website goes live

Upon 20% of supply being acquired by holders, listing to UniSwap with 200 ETH in total.

List on CoinGecko

Release white paper outlining entire feature set for MultiChain UNITOPIA Casino.

Launch UNITOPIA Multi-Chain fully licensed Casino. Includes Dice, Ring, Crash, Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker, and Sports.

List on Centralized Exchanges and List on CoinMarketCap.





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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What benefit does UNITOPIA Token offer me?

    - UNITOPIA has a very small fixed supply of 1,000,000 Tokens that will EVER be in existence.
    - This token will provide access to Rewards from the UNITOPIA Casino Platform that no other token will be able to receive.
    - UNITOPIA Casino will have many games with various house edges.
    - UNITOPIA Token holders will receive 10% of that house edge for every game, and every currency we offer to be playable.
    - These rewards will be automatically exchanged into Ethereum, and airdropped to all uTOPIA holders every week.

  • UNITOPIA was created by TRONTOPIA, a DAPP that has been operating on the TRX blockchain for over a year.

    Come and check us out TRONTOPIA
    Join our Telegram TopiaNetwork

  • The Ethereum Raised will be split into various budgets:

    - Liquidity Pool: 20% (50% Ethereum, 50% to purchase uTOPIA, both balances will be added to the Liquidity Pool).
    - TOPIA Rewards: 10%
    - DIAMOND Rewards: 5%
    - UNITOPIA Casino Development & Bankroll: 35%
    - Marketing: 10%
    - Events (for UNITOPIA Casino Launch): 10%
    - Reserves/Unexpected Costs: 10%

    Ethereum raised will be distributed in stages as it is raised. Every 20% acquired will be distributed accordingly to the above breakdown. This means the UNITOPIA Liquidity Pool, TOPIA, and Diamond Reward Pools will receive 5 injections throughout the process.

  • The current state of the TRX blockchain (volume, user growth, community) has been in a decline for quite some time, and this has begun to stall progression for our brand.

    We have always had a long term goal to build a multi-currency casino, with outstanding games, and amazing rewards. This is a step towards that.

    The time to execute on the vision is now.

  • Onchain TOPIA platforms will benefit in multiple ways:

    - In the short term, they will be receiving a substantial injection to their reward pools.

    - In the long term:

    • Completely revamped UI and user experience. Smoother gameplay, faster speeds, and less reliance on node connectivity for everything to function properly.
    • Access to wide ranges of new games that will be easily offerable onchain as well as offchain. Many providers are easily configurable to work across various methods.
    • Opens the door to a much larger and broad playerbase.
    • Less reliant on TRON success directly.
    • Umbrella ecosystem - The Umbrella is the key component that onchain token holders need to remember. Once TRONTOPIA token has been mined fully, it joins the umbrella. The umbrella receives a share of EVERY topia platform's revenue. This includes UniTopia revenue.