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About UniTopia


UNITOPIA is owned and operated by TOPIA Network. UNITOPIA is the primary currency for the dividend rewards system.

UNITOPIA stakers will receive a rake equal to 15% of the house edge for EVERY CURRENCY and EVERY GAME offered on the BetGalaxy platform. Holders receive 10% of the house edge (no stake required).


What is RANKUP Token?

RANKUP (RANK) Token is a asset the TUTO buyers receive in conjunction with their TUTO. The RANK tokens can be utilized on BetGalaxy to receive FREE rank ups for your player account on BetGalaxy.
Each RANK Token is worth $10 in playable currency on BetGalaxy.

Open Source

UNITOPIA is an immutable BEP20 token, which means that every transaction is visible on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.
Here is the verified Smart Contract Code.

About BetGalaxy

What is BetGalaxy?

The BetGalaxy Casino is a state-of-the-art multi-currency platform, and with all of the popular games: Dice, Ring, Crash, Blackjack, Video Poker, Hilo, Slots, Standard Table Games, Game Shows, Live Dealers, and more.

It also features a revolutionary rewards model that drives user activity and engagement in a very effective way.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • • UNITOPIA has a very small fixed supply of 1,000,000 Tokens that will EVER be in existence.

    • This token will provide access to Rewards from the BetGalaxy Casino Platform that no other token will be able to receive.

    • BetGalaxy Casino has many games with various house edges.

    • UNITOPIA Token holders will receive 15% (if staked, 10% if holding) of that house edge for every game, and every currency we offer to be playable.

    • These rewards will be automatically exchanged into Binance Pegged Ethereum, and airdropped to all uTOPIA holders every week.

    • BetGalaxy Casino launched on June 2, 2021.

    • BetGalaxy has already surpassed 4,000 active users.

  • • RANKUP Tokens are a playable asset on BetGalaxy that provides purchasers of this current TUTO sale with FREE rank up power!;

    • By purchasing 1 TUTO, you will receive 1 RANKUP Token. (Including users who have already purchased from this final 25K TUTO sale).

    • RANKUP Tokens are distributed to TUTO buyers once per day shortly after the daily TOPIA dividend distribution.

    • 1 RANKUP Token is worth $10 as playable currency on BetGalaxy. You will receive the RANKUP tokens directly to the same wallet you purchased TUTO from. You will need to deposit the RANKUP to wager with them.

    • RANKUP Token can only be used on in-house games. (Provider games cannot be played with this currency).

    • RANKUP Token can ONLY be deposited to BetGalaxy. It cannot be withdrawn, and it cannot be transferred to anywhere other than BetGalaxy.

    • RANKUP Token wagers do not accrue cashback, or referral rewards. They do however accrue to GalaxyBoost pools, which will be distributed.

    • RANKUP Token wagers accrue into Dividend Pool, but those RANKUP are burned forever and are deducted from dividend total. (all deposits of RANK are burned.)

    • By purchasing TUTO and receiving RANKUP Token, users can increase their Cosmic VIP Rank on BetGalaxy for 60+% reduced cost!

    • RANKUP Token Address -

  • UNITOPIA was created by TOPIA Network

    BetGalaxy Casino launched on June 2, 2021

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  • The UniTopia token was recently swapped from ETH to BSC, and currently is non-transferable until the end of this sale. Due to that and to prevent exchange price fluctuations, or OTC trading from hampering the token sale, we have decided to use a placeholder/temporary token.

    The Temporary UniTopia token is NOT transferable.

    The Temporary UniTopia token is sold and distributed on BSC.

    All TUTO buyers will be airdropped their official UniTopia tokens at the end of the token sale.

    The UniTopia (BSC Mainnet) token will be airdropped to the same address as your BSC address you purchased TUTO from.

  • BetGalaxy Casino has already launched on June 2, 2021 @ 00:00 AM Eastern! The casino launched with several promotions, some of which are still active and ongoing:

    • First 2000 users who signed up, received $10 in Ether credited to their balance instantly. (Completed)

    • First 5 users to reach VIP Tier 9 will receive an additional $5,000 USD reward. (Ongoing)

    • First 5 users to reach 100 referrals will receive an additional $5,000 USD reward. (Ongoing)

    • $50,000 Top Wagered Leaderboard rewarding the Top 25 bettors. (Ongoing)

    • All Cashback percentages are increased by a factor of 1.5x during the first 72 hours of operation. (Completed)